Who Cursed Boatswain First?

Why does the boatswain say you mar our Labour?

You mar our labour: keep your cabins: you do assist the storm.

The boatswain is no respecter of rank and reputation at the moment.

He has a job to do, and he’s not about to be prevented from doing it by anyone, no matter how socially important they may be..

What does Gonzalo say after hearing Sebastian and Antonio?

Answer. Gonzalo wakes and shouts “Preserve the King!” His exclamation wakes everyone else. Sebastian quickly concocts a story about hearing a loud noise that caused him and Antonio to draw their swords.

Who is boatswain in The Tempest?

Boatswain The ship’s petty officer. He is in charge of the deck crew, the rigging, and the anchor. He must try to keep the boat afloat during the storm, even when the king’s party makes demands upon his time.

What must our mouths be cold?

What, must our mouths be cold? What, we’re going to die? The king and prince at prayers.

What is meant by drowning mark in Tempest?

drowning mark refers to a mole, located on the boatswain’s face, the appearance of which was thought to portend a person’s manner of death.

What is referred to as the mischance of the hour?

Mischance of the hour refers to the possibility of the ship to sink in the fierce storm. People aboard the ship could save themselves by staying inside their cabbins calmly and not disturbing boatswain and other mariners.

What instructions does the boatswain give and to whom?

The boatswain tells Gonzalo and the other men that they’re getting in the way of his work and should stay in their cabins. The boatswain says that if he’s wound-up, it’s only because the sea’s wound-up. He once again tells Gonzalo and the other men to get below deck.

Who has no drowning mark upon him?

GonzaloGonzalo: I have great comfort from this fellow: methinks he hath no drowning-mark upon him; his complexion is perfect gallows. Stand fast good Fate, to his hanging!

What danger does the royal ship face in Tempest?

Answer. A violent storm rages around a small ship at sea. The master of the ship calls for his boatswain to rouse the mariners to action and prevent the ship from being run aground by the tempest. Chaos ensues.

What happened to Prospero 12 years ago?

Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan, whose usurping brother, Antonio, had put him (with his three-year-old daughter, Miranda) to sea on a “rotten carcass” of a boat to die, twelve years before the play begins. … Prospero and Miranda had survived and found exile on a small island.

How many acts is the tempest?

fiveThe Tempest, although it is one of Shakespeare’s shortest plays, still maintains the integrity of the five-act structure.

Why did Alonso encourage the boatswain?

Answer: so that he can save the ship from drowning. …..

Who do Sebastian and Antonio curse?

Sebastian and Antonio curse the Boatswain in his labors, masking their fear with profanity.

Why does Boatswain lose his temper?

They start shouting orders at the boatswain who is trying his best to save the ship. The boatswain is pretty annoyed at this interference in his work. He loses his temper and rebukes Gonzalo. … If the ship sinks, he will lose his life.

Why is Gonzalo confident that the boatswain will not die by drowning?

Answer: Explanation: Gonzalo was confident that Boatswain will not die by drowning as he knew that the adjacent island was occupied by Prospero. He had helped Prospero during one such shipwreck and he knew that Prospero would do the same this time.

What happens to the passengers on the ship does the ship sink why why not?

The sailors are busy fighting the storm and saving the ship. But it appears that the ship will sink and the passengers on the ship will die. … Since he is not to be drowned, and with him aboard, the ship cannot sink.

Why are Gonzalo Antonio and Sebastian angry with the boatswain?

Sebastian, Gonzalo, and Antonio return. The Boatswain is once again furious because they are just getting in the way. Sebastian, the brother of the king of Naples (Alonso), can not believe that a mere sailor would speak so defiantly to members and councilors of the royal family.

Who is the insolent noise maker?

BoatswainAnswer. Boatswain is the insolent noise maker. he is busy in saving the lives of people from the sea storm and trying to keep ship afloat during the storm.