What Is The Opposite Of Accelerate?

What is a synonym and antonym for accelerate?


( Synonyms.

speed up quicken brisken deepen intensify brisk up speed brisk.


decelerate sedate de-energize de-energise stifle.

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What exhilaration means?

: causing strong feelings of happy excitement and elation : thrilling an exhilarating experience …

What is constant speed?

Definition: When the speed of an object remains the same – it does not increase or decrease – we say it is moving at a constant speed.

How do you get a negative acceleration?

According to our principle, when an object is slowing down, the acceleration is in the opposite direction as the velocity. Thus, this object has a negative acceleration. In Example D, the object is moving in the negative direction (i.e., has a negative velocity) and is speeding up.

What is the synonym of accelerate?

accelerate. Synonyms: hasten, urge, expedite, quicken, speed, urge on, press forward, hurry, promote, dispatch, facilitate. Antonyms: delay, obstruct, impede, clog, retard, hinder, shackle, drag.

What is decelerate?

transitive verb. 1 : to reduce the speed of : slow down decelerate a car. 2 : to decrease the rate of progress of decelerate growth decelerate soil erosion.

What is another word for positive acceleration?

1. hastening, hurrying, stepping up (informal), expedition, speeding up, stimulation, advancement, promotion, spurring, quickening He has called for an acceleration of political reforms. 2.

What is the root word of accelerate?

Acceleration is the act of increasing speed. … Acceleration comes from the Latin word accelerationem, which means “a hastening.” When you hasten, you hurry, so acceleration is a speeding-up.

What is the difference between acceleration and deceleration?

In everyday terms, an acceleration refers to an increase in speed. In everyday terms, a deceleration refers to a reduction in speed.