What Fell On The Poet *?

In which mood was the poet earlier?

Earlier, the poet was gloomy, sad and regretful..

What do the Crow and hemlock Symbolise?

The crow and hemlock tree represent sorrow and depression felt by the poet in this materialistic world. … The dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree means passing through the sad and depressing moments the poet is entering into the time full of joy and optimism.

Under which tree the poet was standing?

hemlock treeAnswer: The poet was depressed and hopeless. He was in a state of sorrowful mood. As he was lost in thoughts, he was standing under the hemlock tree.

What happened when the dust of snow fell on the poet How did it change his mood?

Explanation: The dust of snow falling on the poet has changed his mood. The soft, cold touch of the snow changed the poet’s mood from rueful to joyous. A day that began with regrets changed into one of happiness after the dust of snow fell on him.

What does the poet feel in the end?

The poet was in a very depressive and hopeless mood. The day offered no relief, comfort or happiness for the poet. He felt that the whole day had been wasted for nothing. Perhaps his dull and depressive mood led him to such a conclusion.

What was the effect of the fall of the dust of snow on the poet *?

Of a day I rued. When the soft and cold snow fell on the poet, it changed his mood from the state of sadness to happiness. He started feeling soothed (peaceful and refreshed). This simple incident helped him enjoy the remaining part of the day.

Who has changed the poet’s mood?

The sudden shower in the form of the dust of snow changed the poet’s mood. The poet’s mood changed from sad to happy. He felt refreshed and wanted to enjoy the rest of the day.

What does the poet compare fire with?

Answer. he compares fire by desire , anger ,devastation. Answer:The poet compared the ‘fire’ in this poem with desire. Because, fire is something that burn everything.

What is the central idea of the poem dust of snow?

What is the central idea of the ‘Dust of Snow’? Ans : The poem expresses the significance of small things in changing one’s attitude. The poet appreciates the beauty of the snowflakes, which changed his mood and saved many precious moments from being wasted away. The crow shakes off the snow dust from the hemlock tree.

How was the poet’s mood What brought a sudden change in it?

A CROW SAT ON A TREE AND SHAKES OFF IT’S BRANCH, SO THAT THE DUST OF SNOW WHICH IS ON THE TREE FALLS ON POET. THIS LITTLE INCIDENT BRINGS A SUDDEN CHANGE IN POET’S MOOD. The poet had a feeling that the whole day would go waste. the falling of fine dust of snow on him suddenly changes his mood.

What was saved for the poet *?

Answer: Explanation: Poet saved his rest of the day by becoming happy by the small thing happened around him. When the crow flew from the hamlog tree the dust of snow fell on him and he got happy by small insurence happening with him.

Why does the poet call it the dust of snow?

A. “Dust of snow” refers to the tiny particles of snow. The particles are so small that poet referred to them as “dust”. The poet was in an awful mood when particles of snow had fallen on him.