Quick Answer: How Do You Use Many In A Sentence?

How do you use many and many in a sentence?

Use much if the noun is non-countable (e.g., water, sand).

Use many if the noun is countable (e.g., oranges, children).

For example: I don’t have much money..

How do you use per person in a sentence?

Per your instructions. Per mean for each once. An example of per used as an adverb is in the phrase, “one cookie per person,” which means one cookie for each person. Per is defined as to, for, by or according to.

How do you write per person?

You can use pp. and pppw (per person per week).

Does Per mean multiply?

Answer : It can mean many things. … Also asked, does Per mean to multiply or divide? Multiplication-product, multiply, multiplied by, times. Division-quotient, dividend, divide, divided by, each, per, average, divided equally.

What does just like mean?

—used to say that another person has no chance of succeeding at something.

How do you use much in a sentence?

Examples of ‘much as’ in a sentence much asBut they need a result in the league just as much as we do.You’ll be asked a love question that surprises just as much as it thrills.The price is allinclusive, so guests eat and drink as much as they like.Liverpool don’t really need him as much as he would like them to.More items…

What does just as mean?

1 : to an equal degree as Our house is just as nice as theirs. This one is just as good as that one. She performs just as well as he does. 2 : in the same way as Just as we hope to be forgiven, so we should forgive others.

What does mean as much as?

1 —used to say that two things are equal in amount or degreeHe likes hockey as much as he likes basketball. 2 —used to say that an amount is as large as another amountShe earns as much as he does. 3 : almost but not quite He as much as admitted his guilt.

Is it correct to say per your request?

“As per your request” sounds formal and grammatically incorrect, even though it was used in business for many years. Its time has come and gone. Instead, switch it with “As you requested,” which says the same thing in a much more approachable and simple way.

What does just as good mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust as good/bad/big etcjust as good/bad/big etcequally as good, bad, big etc Brad is just as good as the others. I love this country just as much as you do.

Where does just go in a sentence?

Just is most commonly used as an adverb together with the present perfect tense. In this context, just means ‘a short time ago’, and is positioned between the auxiliary verb (had/ have/has) and the past participle. For example: I’ve just spoken to John.