Question: What Is The Safest Part Of Jamaica To Visit?

Is it safe to go to Jamaica in 2020?

We’d say Jamaica is still to travel to, provided you are careful.

The tourist areas of Jamaica tend to be very safe and beautiful places to stay in.

Crimes against tourists have been decreasing and loads of people go and have an awesome time, and so should you!.

Is Jamaica a poor country?

Jamaica has been called the richest poor nation on earth. Jamaicans take pride in their island’s abundance of fruits and vegetables, and hunger is not an extreme problem. On the other hand, rural farmers remain poor, and scratching out a living that will support a family is hard.

How many tourist died in Jamaica 2019?

The use of date rape drugs is possible, even at private parties and resorts.” The Jamaica 2019 Crime and Safety Report was released in the wake of a tourism scare involving the Dominican Republic, where 10 American tourist deaths have been reported since May.

What is the most dangerous city in Jamaica?

KingstonSome areas of Jamaica, particularly cities such as Kingston, Montego Bay and Spanish Town, experience high levels of crime and violence. Jamaica has had one of the highest murder rates in the world for many years, according to United Nations estimates.

Can you drink the water in Jamaica?

Water is generally safe to drink from faucets throughout the island, except in the most far-flung rural regions. It is safest, however, to stick with bottled water, which is widely available. … In Jamaica’s backwaters, clean your teeth with purified water rather than tap water.

How many murders have there been in Jamaica in 2020?

Serious Crimes Report for January 1 to December 26, 2020 and comparative period 2019DivisionMurder 2019Shooting Inj 2020Kingston Central3871Kingston Eastern7858Kingston Western62103St. Andrew Central1027915 more rows

What should I avoid in Jamaica?

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in JamaicaExploring the island by cab. Montego Bay/Oyster. … Eating non-local seafood. Negril/Oyster. … Avoiding roadside jerk shacks. Negril/Oyster. … Only staying in Montego Bay. … Expecting punctuality. … Sticking to an all-inclusive vacation. … Walking around Kingston at night.

Is Montego Bay safe for tourists?

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) stated in a 2020 report4 that travelers should exercise increased caution and avoid visits to Spanish Town and parts of Kingston and Montego Bay, which are all known for violent crime. … The downtown “Hip Strip” of Montego Bay is known for pickpockets and theft.

Is it better to stay in Montego Bay or Negril?

Since Montego Bay is a larger place than Negril, it makes sense that it also has more resorts and hotels. But, most of those are luxurious and expensive, which is great if you love to go all out on your vacation. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts you can stay at with private beaches, pools and whatnot.

Which part of Jamaica has the best beaches?

Tropical Paradise: The 23 Best Beaches In JamaicaSeven Mile Beach. Negril area.Sandals Montego Bay Beach. Montego Bay area. … Bloody Bay. Negril area. … Treasure Beach. South Coast area. … Frenchman’s Cove. Port Antonio area. … Bamboo Beaches/Reggae Beach. Ocho Rios area. … Winnifred Beach. Port Antonio area. … Dunn’s River Falls Beach. … More items…•

How much money should I bring to Jamaica?

You should plan to spend around J$15,330 ($107) per day on your vacation in Jamaica, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, J$3,051 ($21) on meals for one day and J$1,413 ($9.83) on local transportation.

Why is Jamaica so dangerous?

Jamaica has a high crime rate, but much of it is focused on gang violence in the inner-city, in communities that you’re unlikely to visit as a traveler. Ask your accommodation which areas to avoid if you’re unsure.

What’s the best area to stay in Jamaica?

Negril is probably the best for first time visitors. … Runaway Bay has become much more popular in the last 5 or so years. … Montego Bay is most likely the airport you’ll be flying into. … Ocho Rios is the most popular cruise ship port in Jamaica. … Ochi is a cruise ship port but is close to some well known tours and such.More items…

Is Jamaica safe for tourists 2019?

Jamaica is very safe for tourists. The issues with gang violence that have made the news don’t impact tourist areas.

Which part of Jamaica has the most tourism?

Negril, Montego Bay, Ochos Rios, and Runaway Bay are the most popular tourist areas of the island.