How Do You Use Minutes In A Sentence?

How do you say minutes?

Re: how to pronounce “minute”.

If referring to the unit of time, that is correct.

If referring to the term for a small dimension, then it is my-nyoot..

What is the meaning minute?

1a : the 60th part of an hour of time : 60 seconds. b : the 60th part of a degree of angular measure Its latitude is 41 degrees 55 minute north. 2 : the distance one can traverse in a minute Five minutes down the road is a gas station. 3 : a short space of time : moment Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.

How do you say the time being?

in the meantimefor the time being.meantime.meanwhile.sometimes.temporarily.

Is it time being or time being?

If something is the case or will happen for the time being, it is the case or will happen now, but only until something else becomes possible or happens. For the time being, however, immunotherapy is still in its experimental stages.

What is difference between it’s and its?

It’s is a contraction of “it is” or “it has.” Its is a possessive determiner we use to say that something belongs to or refers to something. It’s and its are among the most commonly confused words.

How do you write minutes?

To write effective meeting minutes you should include:Meeting name and place.Date and time of the meeting.List of meeting participants.Purpose of the meeting.For each agenda items: decisions, action items, and next steps.Next meeting date and place.Documents to be included in the meeting report.

How do you use time being in a sentence?

For the time being, I am studying French at this language school. I got the sack but I’ve a little saved up so for the time being I won’t be troubled for living expenses. For the time being, my sister is an assistant in a supermarket.

What is a good sentence for its?

Some sentence examples of “its” used as a possessive include: This cheese is past its expiration date. Its front door will open when you’re nearby. This book is better than its cover would suggest.

How do you write its?

Its vs. It’sRule 1: When you mean it is or it has, use an apostrophe.Examples: It’s a nice day. … Rule 2: When you are using its as a possessive, don’t use the apostrophe.Examples: The cat hurt its paw. … If you wish to respond to another reader’s question or comment, please click its corresponding “REPLY” button.

How do we use it?

It is used for a thing previously mentioned or easily identified. The pronoun it also serves as a placeholder subject in sentences with no identifiable actor, such as “It rained last night”, “It boils down to what you’re interested in”, or the impersonal “It was a dark and stormy night”.

How many minutes mean?

“How many minutes” is used in questions: “how” and “how many” are question phrases. But this sentence is not using the question meaning. Instead it is using “how many minutes” to mean “the number of minutes”: The number of minutes you could bend when you were standing is the number of minutes you can bend now.